The Prayer and the Psalms, without ceasing

“Now that you have had the experience of silence and prayer of the mind and have tasted the sweetness that this brings, you must always keep this in your heart— whether you are eating or drinking, having a conversation with someone, traveling, or sitting in your cell— with attentive thought and an undistracted mind, do […]

Your Hiding Place, Where Christ Dwells

The Teaching of Theoliptus, Metropolitan of Philadelphia Find a solitary place and then strive to enter the innermost, guarded, secret chamber of yourself (the watchtower), which is the dwelling-place of Christ, and where there is always peace, joy, and stillness. Christ, the Sun that shines on the intellect, bestows these gifts, which emanate from Him […]

Silence of the lips

The wise silence of the lips is the first door into the Jerusalem of the mind or the watchfulness of the mind, even though the mind itself is not yet silent. The second door is temperate moderation in eating, drinking, and sleeping. The third door, which purifies the mind and the body, is the constant […]